Twitter and BIG DATA Insights, feel overwhelmed? Now you can find Insights. #analytics #socialmedia #spotfire @tibco


I’ve been using our Twitter Analytics for Excel for the last couple of years to analyze insights into social media events.  But one of the hardest parts of analyzing the data is taking the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of tweets and trying to make sense of it all.  Our Excel Analytics got me to the basics, but what I really wanted to discover were insights on a big data scale and discover something new.  What I was seeing (above) was a bunch of social media noise.


Now that I have access to TIBCO Spotfire, I’ve got an analytical tool that allows me to manage huge data sets from Twitter and become a data scientist over night.  Well, maybe not over night.  But now I have the ability to filter out the tweet noise from the actionable tweets to the tweets I need to watch.  If you look at the insights above, you will see that having the ability to filter the noise out, enables you to begin to target specific messaging toward those audiences.


Actually, you can take it further by defining which department can now take action on specific tweets. This is a 4-quadrant view that specific departments are in.  Customer Support, Marketing, Product Development and Web Team.  Now I can further funnel those tweets to specific departments to take action on.

Wow, for years I was wondering if anyone was listening to all those people shouting on Twitter.  With the right analytical tool, it now doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to gain those insights and you, too, can become a data scientist. Email me if you want to get better insights into your social data.

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